IC3 Dimensions


How to Calculate Opposite Colors

by Aeoril

Spiroche Background Color Change Animation

I was recently updating my Spiroche Spider-Webby Graphics Fun web app. I have instructions that are placed on top of the canvas. However, I allow the user to change the canvas background color. I needed to calculate a text color based on the selected background color that always stood out and did not blend in or disappear. I came up with a nifty algorithm to calculate "opposite" colors to accomplish that and I discuss it here. (more)

Center Animated CSS 3D Cube in Page

by Aeoril

I recently created a CSS only 3D animated cube from David Walsh's excellent tutorial. However, I wanted to center it horizontally and vertically within the web page as you can see here. This turned out to be simple in the end, but I went down many dead-end roads before hitting on the final solution. Horizontal was easy, but vertical gave me fits… (more)

WebGL Tinker

by Aeoril

I am learning WebGL by "tinkering" with various tutorials (both math and code), the spec, my own imagination, etc. Currently, I am working deeply through Gregg Tavares' WebGL Fundamentals Tutorial. It is awesome, and below you will find some of my experiments based on his work… (more)